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Minor Tooth Movement

April 7, 2014
Posted By: Paul Caselle

Many adults have had braces when they were teenagers and we're told to wear retainers for a couple of years. Unfortunately the reality is  many wore their retainers for a few months and now as adults notice that several teeth have become shifted.

Certainly the thought of going through orthodontic treatment is not something that is very appealing to adults because of the wires brackets, time and cost of treatment.

Over the years new technologies have been developed to allow dentists to correct these minor misalignments easily and virtually invisible. By using clear trays that gradually move individual teeth gently into a new position you can bring back the smile you had as a young adult. 

Impressions are made of your teeth and a program of individual tooth movement is developed using set of invisible trays. Every three weeks you change the trays that will continue to move selected teeth into their ideal position.  Occasionally teeth may need to be slenderized to create space allowing teeth to fit into their ideal position. 

The advantage of this system over other leading systems is that the need for bonding resin grip buttons is eliminated and it is less costly. The MTM orthodontic system is a great alternative for people who would like to correct minor anterior tooth crowding or spacing.


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