Teeth Whitening in Wilmington MA

Did you know that your smile naturally gets darker as you age? Even if you don’t have habits like coffee and tobacco that darken your smile, everyday foods and beverages can be enough to stain your teeth.

Dark teeth make you look older, and even though the perception is not necessarily true, a whiter smile does appear healthier than a dark smile.

Depending on your needs, our Wilmington dental practice offers a variety of professional whitening options.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Caselle is pleased to offer KOR Ultra in-office teeth whitening system. This chemically activated system consists of a highly concentrated gel to dramatically whiten teeth in just one office visit. We apply the gel, give it a chance to work its magic, and then apply it again, if necessary. Listen to music or just take a break during your visit, and in an hour, you’ll be ready to show off your brighter new smile!

This option is excellent for people who want whiter teeth now and do not have the time to spread their whitening out over several weeks. You can have results quickly and look younger for an upcoming special event such as a reunion, wedding, or holiday. 

Take-Home Professional Whitening System 

Do you want to achieve professional results gradually at home? We also offer convenient take-home whitening kits, which include a set of custom-made trays and professional whitening gel. This option is great for patients who want to save money and whiten their teeth on their own time.

You could have a significantly whiter smile in two weeks. Depending on your level of staining, your results can be up to eight shades lighter. 

Take-home whitening kits are by far our most popular option, and you have the added benefit of being able to keep your whitening trays for future use, should the need arise.

Deep Bleaching™ Method

If you think your teeth are too discolored for standard professional whitening, our powerful Deep Bleaching™ method will give you something to smile about! This system combines two in-office whitening treatments with a take-home whitening kit, so even the darkest stains don’t stand a chance 

Side Effects of Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a good option for most healthy patients and has few side effects when done properly. If you experience sensitivity, the most common side effect, give us a call so we can discuss some options to help you get relief and still have your white smile!

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