Restorative Dentistry & Dental Fillings in Wilmington

Almost everyone needs to have a dental restoration at some point. Whether the problem is due to decay, trauma, or some other circumstance, dental restorations can repair, stabilize, and protect your teeth from damage and breakage.

Our dentistry is always comfortable. We believe that exceptional dentistry should be pain-free, and that is why we spend extra time with our patients learning about their needs so that we can have outstanding results as well as a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Comprehensive Restorative Services

At Smile Life Dental, we offer the full spectrum of dental restorations. From those that serve to protect to those that enhance your appearance, we have it all! Dr. Caselle is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental restorations available.

We offer: 

  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • CEREC® one-visit crowns, inlays, and onlays
  • CEREC® one-day veneers
  • Dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridges
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Dental implant restorations

Our patients appreciate the convenience of being able to have most major services here in our Wilmington dental office. Our friendly team strives to make each experience a personal and enjoyable one. 

Your Restorative Appointment 

We begin each restorative dental appointment by assessing your teeth and considering which treatment will be the best for you. Once we determine the possible treatment options, Dr. Caselle will discuss those options with you and answer your questions. 

Once we are ready to repair your tooth, we will make sure you are completely numb and comfortable for your appointment. You are always in control at Smile Life Dental. You can give us feedback during your appointment, and we can also make adjustments, as necessary.

Next, we will prepare your tooth so that we can restore it. This may mean removing decay and getting it ready for a filling or onlay, or it could mean that we need to make space for a protective dental crown. Once we prep your tooth, we can place your dental restoration.

We complete your fillings chairside, and you can chew on them the same day, but you should avoid hot liquids and chewy foods while you are still numb.

When you have a dental crown in our office, thanks to CEREC technology, we also provide them in one day, eliminating the need for temporary crowns and additional visits to our office. After we place your restoration, we will make any final adjustments so that it fits well with your opposing teeth and feels completely natural. 

Call Us to Schedule Your Filling or Crown

Do you need a filling, dental crown, or bridge? Call our Wilmington dental office to schedule your restorative evaluation. Dr. Caselle will help you make the choices that will support your oral health for many years to come.

We look forward to hearing from you!