Clean and Safe Dental Office in Wilmington

In addition to providing outstanding dentistry to our patients, we also promote your health by maintaining the highest level of cleanliness in our office. Dr. Caselle holds our entire team to the highest standards, and we never cut corners when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases and illnesses.

Sterilization Between PatientsSmiling family in Wilmington MA

One of the best ways to protect your health is by thoroughly cleaning each room in between patients. We use special chemicals designed to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of viruses. When a patient leaves, we remove all of the instruments and items necessary for each appointment. Every surface of the room, whether or not they came in contact with patients is cleaned.

By maintaining a rigid system of cleanliness, we ensure that each patient is seating in a thoroughly sanitized environment. This protects you and our staff from contracting illnesses.

Continuing Education for Safety and Cleanliness

At Smile Life Dental, we exceed all OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) recommended standards for cleanliness and safety, preventing the spread of infectious diseases from one patient to the next in order to protect your family.

Each year, OSHA requires a refresher course for anyone working with patients in the healthcare industry. These courses introduce new and improved methods, products, and procedures to make sure that we are adequately protecting our staff and patients from diseases and pathogens.

Just like dental technology, sanitation methods and materials constantly improve. By staying up-to-date on the latest developments, we ensure the cleanest office possible.

Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Clean and Safe Office in Wilmington MAWe clean instruments in an antimicrobial solution in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any debris and surface bacteria. Using modern sterilization techniques, we wrap, seal, and sterilize them prior to your visit. 

Instruments remain in special pouches that keep them clean until we need them at your appointment. The pouches have an indicator strip that shows up when the instruments reach the correct temperature to kill all bacteria. We sterilize instruments using heat and pressure in a machine called an autoclave. Maintaining the proper function of our sterilization equipment is important to ensure the elimination of all bacteria.

Common Area Cleanliness

In addition to making sure treatment rooms and instruments are clean and sterile for your appointment, we also maintain high standards for common areas of our office as well. We regularly clean common areas such as the waiting room, doorknobs, restrooms, and countertops to prevent the spread of common illnesses like colds and flu.

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Rest assured when you make your next appointment at our Wilmington dental office that we are dedicated to protecting the health of you and your entire family. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to cleanliness and safety.