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Digital Dentures – A New Concept

March 10, 2013
Posted By: Caselle Dental, LLC

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As dentistry has moved to the digital world I have been following new technologies and how they can best help patients. Many people wear dentures and after a few years they need to be replaced due to fit and wear. The thought of going through the process of making a new set of dentures can be time-consuming and unappealing not to mention the concerns about how they will look and feel. The AvaDent company, located in Scottsdale Arizona, has revolutionized the denture making process through the use of cad cam technology. In one single appointment impressions and records are taken and shipped to AvaDent. AvaDent takes the digital records and creates a virtual denture right on the computer offering the patient never-before aesthetic and functional features including: the exact replication of your gum tissue and the ability to vary the thickness of the denture for a more natural feel. With AvaDent, patients can regain their youthful smile with the natural look and feel they thought they had lost forever!

How is this Possible?
The denture is milled from a highly compressed, pre-shrunk disk of acrylic. Unlike traditional dentures there is no shrinkage so the fit is exact. Denture teeth are scanned into the AvaDent system so they fit into the tooth slots on the denture with precision. We have the ability to select different types of acrylic to match the shade of your natural gum tissue.

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